Thursday, June 30, 2016

Complaints, sometimes I have them

Thanks to friends who invited us out, Emmett and I had an amazing day playing in the blueberry fields and sandy beach on Sauvie Island yesterday. 
We've been having a rough week. I've been experiencing a particularly difficult time dealing with failure, rejection and my seemingly non-existent career and matching pay check. Emmett's behavior has been off due to the most part with having to be around me I think. At the end of this beautiful day he went to bed ok but he's been suffering a slight cold and it woke him at midnight crying in pain, coming to our room and laying on top of me. "I'm afraid of the dark and I just want to be with you" he says. I then realized that I had only been asleep for about 30 minutes because someone decided to set off early fireworks which freaked Alice out and therefore she needed to be soothed by wedging herself between me and Richard on the bed and she's not a small or lightweight dog but she does have a nice soothing snore. 
So after a while laying there with a kid on my chest and a dog on my pillow I got out of my bed, leaving the three of them to hopefully sleep and went to the couch. Emmett then followed me to the couch and we both decided, after a few failed attempts to fit together there, to move to his bed. About an hour later, Emmett is asleep, Richard is asleep and Alice is sprawled out in my spot on the bed so I went back to the couch where I laid, wide awake. Two hours later I finally displaced Alice and returned to my spot on the bed where I slept for another two hours. Now it's another morning and it's my job to create a rich and interesting day filled with outdoor play and healthy food, work on a painting, do house work, send invoices, beg people to pay me for work I've done for them, build my art career, walk the dog.... All I can say is, I'll do my soon as I have another cup of coffee, yep, that'll help.

In a way yesterday saved us a little. I am grateful as I try to remember to take the good with bad and this too shall pass.