Friday, July 22, 2016

Cats and Figs and Gardens and Comics

Summer is one of those deceptive times of year. It's a time when you imagine long days of leisure that turn in to long warm evenings of leisure. Sitting around with a drink in hand or going for a walk after dinner. But in reality it's busy. There are camps schedules and when there's no camp schedule there are very long days to fill with parks, libraries, road trips, vegetable gardens, grocery shopping and house cleaning not to

In a way it is fun because each day can be different, a drastic change from the day in day out of the school year. In another way it's a challenge to get through the day feeling productive and like you didn't just spend two hours setting up a new online store that you ended up deleting and your kid isn't upset because he's lonely and bored. It's not easy to change your routine on a daily basis. It's not easy to fit in work around the "fun" of Summer with a capital "S"

Still somehow I look around in the morning and think, I really hope I can capture some of my son's life and the funny things he says on paper, draw a comic, play with my paints or all of the above. And Sometimes, in addition to park visits and groceries and bike rides, I do get time to create this or that and it's good and I look forward to the next random summer day.

I hope your summer is crazy mix of long leisurely days and random making it up as you go days and not too many I just need to hide in my bedroom days.

xo Klay

Please enjoy these photos of my life and work :)

A series of cats in watercolor
A girl with a yellow scarf, also watercolor
A fig harvested from our tree
more figs
Our front yard and a beautiful Portland morning
tie dye at the park equals tie dye fingers

my new favorite drawing of the face my son makes when I ask him to brush his hair

A comic is drew this morning
My son enjoying a piece of chocolate cream pie after a long day at bike camp. What a lucky kid!
Our school garden after we spent 3 hours weeding! (and my sweet dog Alice)

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